Carrion Crows

Moderately well-known mercenary company players work for. Located in a slightly wooded area towards the southeastern part of Kløver. Acting as their base is a small fort, 1 story tall without a basement, and several smaller wooden buildings around it to serve as stables and storage. Moderately far from all major cities.

The company’s focus is mostly local, assisting with repelling small-time goblin and bandit raids, with the occasional giant killing. On several occasions the group has been hired to help defend the kingdom, but only as part of a kingdom-wide hiring of all mercenaries.

Consists of nearly 100 members lead by the human fighter Garen. As most jobs are low-risk the pay isn’t much, but the low fatality rate leads to a low turn-over rate in mercenaries causing the group to be fairly close.

An equal opportunity employer Carrion Crows is racially diverse with all races represented.

Pretty much all dead in a giant clusterfuck of tentacles and random horrible mutations on an inexplicable plane of existence. H.P. Lovecraft would be proud.

Carrion Crows

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