Character Creation

Here is where we will discuss how to make your character. You can find a general outline here with specific campaign changes below.

Starting Level

For this campaign all characters will start at level 4.

Ability Scores

Please use the point-buy system using 20 points (PF High Fantasy)
The table is listed here

Hit Points

Roll for hit points as normal.

Available Races


Available Classes

All core classes and base classes are available with the exception of Gunslinger.
All archetypes are available with the exception of those that deal with firearms and those specific to certain campaign settings.


Please choose 2 traits when creating your character.
All traits are available except those that apply to firearms or specific campaign settings. Racial restrictions still apply.
Traits can be found here

Starting Equipment

All starting equipment must be purchased with characters initial gold of 6,000 GP.

Character Creation

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