Hjerter consists mostly of dense wooden forests with occasional breaks for large sweeping plains where most of the major cities can be found. Winds blowing in from the ocean keep the temperatures warmer than the rest of the continent and bring with them plenty of rain.


A matriarchal country, Hjerter is controlled nearly exclusively by females. Elves and humans make up the vast majority of the population. Males and other races are treated as a lower class with very limited rights. The ruling body is the Council of Twelve (historically consisting mostly of elves, rather than humans), headed by the High Priestess (always an elf), who appoints her own successor. The Council and the Priestess are seen as great prophetesses and lead the kingdom according to their visions. The current High Priestess is Aisha, the elf. Hjerter is known for its residents tendency to vanity, and things they consider to be beautiful.


Hjerters find hand to hand combat disgusting and unrefined. For this reason they prefer to elegantly strike down their foes from afar using arrows or magic. For this reason their archers and long-range combat mages are second to none, but their infantry is composed almost entirely of under equipped and under trained conscripts drawn from the lower tiers of their society.

Racial Make-up

45% Elf
40% Human
10% Halfling
5% Half-Elf

Capital City



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