Kløver has the most temperate conditions on the continent with most of the northern part being largely flat lands well suited for farming. Closer to the southeastern border with Hjerter more and more wooded areas begin to pop up becoming more dense as the approach the border. The opposite is true on the southwestern border when temperatures drop and the land becomes flatter and drier.


Of the three current kingdoms it is the most open to free trade, enterprise, and is the most open to all races and genders. It is traditionally ruled by a Queen, who passes the title to her first born daughter. The royal line is notorious for choosing their husbands from commoners and adventures rather than other nobles. The current queen is Jehanna and her husband is the former famous adventurer Guy.


In terms of military might Kløver is considered the weakest of the three kingdoms by a decent margin, but isn’t known to specialize in a particular type of military tactic. Its status as a buffer state has long kept it from any actual fighting, as both Hjerter and Ruter know that while they would almost definitely win against Kløver, it would still weaken them too much to win against the other, who would launch an immediate invasion. However, because of this Kløver has to constantly stand ready so that it never seems too weak and easily conquered.

Racial Make-up

29% Human
22% Elf
22% Dwarf
15% Half-elf
12% Halfling

Capital City

Leá Monde.


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