Being in the southwestern corner of Cardea the mountain range Ephel DĂșath prevents the warm eastern winds from reaching Ruter and blocks the vast majority of the rain that these winds would bring. As a result Ruter is the coldest of the three countries and rather dry. The land is incredibly flat, but rich in metal ore deposits. For this reason it isn’t uncommon to see large and deep caters for strip mine operations.


Ruter is ruled by a king who has final say in all matters. The kingship is passed from father to son, or next closest relative, although bloody coups are hardly unheard of. The current king is Kefka, a mighty warrior rumored to be unstable. As a nation Ruter bases a persons worth almost entirely off of their physical strength and stamina. Because of this it often human and dwarf males that take the leading roles in the society with weaker members looked down upon.


Ruter is a highly militaristic kingdom known for powerful close range war magic and heavily armored knights and calvary, making it the strongest kingdom in terms of straight offensive power. The Ruter view on physical strength makes soldiering even at the infantry level a desirable position and the constant and rigorous training leaves little doubt that Ruter has the strongest and most heavily armored basic infantry as well as elite knights and calvary, but their long range support is practically nonexistent and are often too impatient for long sieges.

Racial Make-up

50% Human
45% Dwarf
2% Halfling
2% Elf
1% Half-Elf




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