Yo. Welcome to the campaign. A fantasy campaign set in the world of Cardea (custom setting from yours truly). We will be using the Pathfinder RPG system for this campaign.

At the moment you may notice that the characters and other background information are rather sparse. This is intentional and the information given reflects only the basic information and characters that players characters would be expected to know. More background, characters, and information on already existing characters will be added as it is discovered by the players over the course of the campaign.

Due to my penchant for epic storytelling and world building this campaign will be a bit more “on-rails” and scenario driven. Furthermore, while small tricks and petty theft are definitely allowed, I’d like to keep away from treason generally stay out of the the Evil alignments. This way while each scenario can be handled more or less however, the players choose it will still allow me to plan the plot far ahead and allow for a more epic story.

Also as you may notice looking at the names of people and places in this campaign I am not good at coming up with original names. Therefore all the proper names are actually taken from some book or video game that I likes. Most of the references are moderately obscure, so it might be fun to see if you recognize them. If forced to name an NPC or location on the spot I will probably come up with a stupid name and reserve the right to rather retcon it to something I like more.

We’ll try and set the next meeting time for right after everyone gets back from Christmas break.

Check the Wiki for background information and character creation rules if you want to get a head start on that.

I’m hoping to keep the Adventure Log, Wiki, and the Characters section up to date with what happens every session, so check there if you miss a day.

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